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 A Glimpse of its Past 


City of Toledo (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Toledo; Filipino: Lungsod ng Toledo), formerly known as

 Pueblo Hinulawan is a 3rd City income class componenet city  in the province of Cebu, philippines.

According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 170,335.

In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 103,658 registered voters on 18 June 1960 Toledo became a chartered city under

Republic Act No. 2688. Toledo is about 50 kilometres (30 mi) away from Cebu City and is widely known for its huge mining

industry owned by Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation,

which is the umbrella of Carmen Copper Corporation and its Toledo Mine.


  Second World War


In 1942 the Japanese Imperial forces captured and occupied the town of Toledo.

In 1945 local Filipino forces of the Philippine Commonwealth Army from the  8th,82nd,83rd,85th and

86th infantry division aided by Cebuano guerrilla resistance fighters, battled against the Japanese

Imperial forces and liberated the town of Toledo.


Shrine of Saint Pedro Calungsod


Following the canonization on 21 October 2012 of Visayan teen martyr Pedro Calungsod  (1672), the

hilltop parish of Cantabaco became the first shrine and church named after the second Filipino saint.