In 1920 up to the present and might be forever, the tree stands mystical, fantastic and intriguing.

Lately, one passenger bus incurred accident that cause the death of some of its passengers. The driver

narrated that he saw a very, very wide clean and clear highway when in reality, it is narrow and

crooked road. The tree was tortured by a well known tree cutter by severing its branches and leaves

after a while, the man died of unknown illness. This old “DAKIT” Tree still mystifies the passersby at

Barangay Ilihan.

The myth begins when neighbors detected a passenger truck stopped and no one alighted. Sometimes

people on the neighborhood saw lights and someone conversing to another person, but there is only one

person seen. Big animals such as horse, dogs, and others came out from the tree and later on vanished

. From our ancestors it was told that on important and big occasions, party hosts went to the big dakit

tree and borrow utensils and wares and forgot to return borrowed things, abusing the kindness, thus

such scenario or opportunity of friendliness faded. Things could no longer be borrowed this time.

At time when lovers came, the man took home the girl and stopped in front of the said tree. The man

did not expect that the girl was a nymph. The fantasy showed that the tree turned into a huge palace

and he was invited by the girl to enter the gates but as the man looked back the palace was not there

anymore and asked the neighbors about it and was confirmed that there was no such structure as a

palace on the site.

For now, the tree still proudly stands unaffected.