Lebumfacil Ancerstral House

lebunfacif final


.563 National Highway
Barangay Cabitoonan
Toledo City, Cebu
(32) 322-5087 to 88
Contact Person: Mrs. Cecilia Yared Gaite

Nearby cities: Guihulngan City, Negros OrientalCalatrava, Negros OccidentalSagay City, Negros Occidental
Coordinates:   10°21'27"N   123°36'48"E

The house was built near the seashore, the structure reminiscent of an era in transition. Built in 1917, a few years after Spain ceded the islands to the Americans. The architecture was American Colonial in style yet it recalls the lost Spanish era of openness and warmth.

The Lorenzo Lebumfacil and Paula Veloso Ancestral House in Barangay Cabitoonan, Toledo City was built in 1917 in the American Colonial Style. This painting is by one of his descendants, Chicoy Romualdez.

The kitchen was one of the  favorite place. A long hardwood table sat squarely in the center where all the help swarmed around all the time it seemed to get a meal ready.. Cebuano torta is a heavenly cake; soft and fluffy inside and crusty on the outside. The Cebuano torta is typically leavened not with yeast but with tuba (coconut toddy). Unlike the Tagalog torta which is an omelette, Torta Cebuana is made of flour, eggs, coconut water in addition to raw sugar, lard and anise.  .The dying embers of the firewood inside the horno is rapidly swept away and the huge trays filled with the torta is slipped inside. . Baking in a clay oven is quite different from the modern ovens where one can see through a glass panel the doneness of the cake. In clay ovens, one depends on one’s experience and one’s nose. I always hold my breath when the begin to open the heavy oven doors, silently praying for a full tummy soon. There is no vision more beautiful that the dozens of sun-kissed sweet cakes that is quickly withdrawn from the oven to prevent burning. I would run back upstairs for my mug of chocolate de tablea to go with the torta.

Small memories like these makes you  connected with the things that you  love, the things that are no longer with you , the things that you  are, and the things that we never want to lose.